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Posted on June 07, 2001 at 09:49:22:

In Reply to: I'll learn you to mis-spell my name you varmint! posted by Ann Widdecombe on June 05, 2001 at 15:16:13:

Cesare Pevare says:-

Everywhere there are people living out their lives using aspects of suicide against themselves. They do not even have the authenticity of the final act to speak for them. Suicide is, in short, the one continuous, every day, ever-present problem of living. It is a question of degree. I'd see them in all varying stages of development and despair. the failed solicitor, the cynical doctor, the depressed housewife, the angry teenager - all of mankind engaged in the massive conspiracy against their own lives that is their daily activity. The meaning of suicide, the true meaing, has yet to be defined, has yet to be created in the borad dimensions it deserves.

alvarez, A.; The Savage god; Penguin (1972)
Goethe; The Sorrows of Young Werther; New english Library (1962)
Plath, Sylvia; The bell Jar; FAber&Faber (1999)

also Plath - Ariel; Lowell - Life Studies.


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