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apologies to dirtboy

Posted on January 12, 2001 at 04:52:18:

jabbawokky says:-

sorry if i struck a raw nerve. i didnt want to start
a message board war, that was not my inention.
to me music is a vast broad expanse, like finding
a cave at the bottom of the sea full of crystalline
stagamites and stalagtites.........and as stoopid
as it sounds these kind of place to swap messeages
and talk to like minded people is like
sharing the view of the shimmering spaces in the cave.

also, to me guitar bands mean a band with guitar in..
music suffers, moreso now than ever before, from over
use of genre, post-rock, math-rock, alt-rock,
sedimentary rock.....its all nonsense....
music is music, beautifully and frighteningly
compelling in all its forms. this may be too simple
for you but this is just the way my mind is.

also i know that there are thousands of ace
bands around that i have never heard,
i would never dream of writing such bands
off.....when i hear a band that i never knew before
i get very excited, it fills you with reason to live and
re-affirms hope, it is a joy.

i adore many bands, i go thru phases, cable are one of
my hundreds of favourite bands, they make me feel how
mstd make me feel when i hear the opening strum of my chinese burn or
the frantic scream of galileo. music is about sharing .
lots of people i know are very defensive about music
the see music as a line drawn in the sand.

if you want i could send you a tape
showing you the songs by the bands that i love and
you could send one back....watcha reckon?

ive gone on a bit but i get like this.


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