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Mail ChrisChristian Ashcroft - Guitar & Vocals......(Email me!)
Arguably one of the more enigmatic members of the since disbanded anti-Tudor feminising peyote cult. Heavily involved in a domino scam around Greenham Common during the media hype for Jurassic Park.
Mail PhilPhilip Lee - Guitar & Vocals......(Email me!)
Laughable as it may seem, Phil left his job in admin to blag a trip to Boa training boar to fly. His extreme face made him a target for the locals and drove him south where he was killed. Resurrected at Ormskirk Parish Church and dragged up before the old bailey on home taping charges and subsequently incarcerated along with Chris De Burge in a high tech super prison, originally designed to contain creatures of Greek Mythology, should they be found to actually exist. Phil now plays guitar.
Mail AdrianAdrian Cunliffe - Bass & Vocals......(Email me!)
Christ knows where Adrian sprang from. Initially a bit slow, his brain received acceleration, which made him the goliath genius you see today. After bankrupting the Sinclair C5 project by refusing to co-patent his intended intro-fusion split-quark delineator engine, Adrian spent two years as a male model for a popular home shopping catalogue... He joined the band.
Mail AngieAngela Walker - Rhythm Assault......(Email me!)
Light entertainer Angie spent years on the circuit with her perfect take on Lisa Loeb. Rotating violently, she took a career switch... Supporting herself promoting Vegas style 'Elvis' weddings on the Gaza Strip and funnelling profits into Hornbys campaign for the miniaturisation of all public railways. It all turned sour and she joined the band.

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